Instead of cash, people now carry credit or debit cards every day. The Sears Card offers many benefits, such as: For example, secure payments, easy purchases, shopping bonuses, cashback offers, free credits, and many other benefits. Sears shoppers generally have the option of signing a Sears MasterCard or preferred credit card issued by Citibank and accepted at numerous stores.


The Sears MasterCard comes with several rewards for loyal customers, and membership often comes with one or more unique benefits, such as B. Discounts on purchases for all Daily Cardholders. Card usage is bigger and better today as it offers secure payments, easy product purchases and cashback offers, and much more. You can also include other personal documents and information, such as your card number and your name on the card.

Answers To Frequently Asked Questions

When will my Sears Credit Card payment be due?

Payment for your Sears Mastercard is due on the same day of each month. However, the exact date of your monthly billing cycle varies depending on when you opened your account and made your first purchase with it.

What are the costs and fees of these Sears MasterCard?

As well as its benefits, some costs, and fees are associated with the Sears Card. There is no annual fee but a high APR of around 27.24%. There is also a significant risk when you accept special financing that offers a special interest rate but carries deferred interest if you do not pay the balance before the end of the promotional period.

How to make payment by Phone?

If you aren’t comfortable paying online, you can pay your credit card bills over the Phone. As long as you make a successful payment, Sears Credit Card Services can help you every step of the way. Follow directions and instructions by calling toll-free 800-917-7700. A customer service representative can also help you if needed.